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The American Language Center of Agadir, housed in two villas in the Cité Suisse district of the city, has been serving the Agadir community since 1992. In addition to providing courses in communicative English for children (6-10 years old), juniors (11-14 years old) and adults (15 years and up), we also provide a lending library, student cafe, and computer lab. We also offer many activities that students and library card holders can participate in at no charge. ALC Agadir is a certified TOEFL testing center for the south of Morocco.

Arabic Language Institute in Fez

The Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF) offers three and six-week courses in all levels of Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic throughout the year.

ALIF also has an excellent reputation as the preeminent institution in the Maghreb for the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language. Housed in a large, shady villa, ALIF provides an ideal setting for studying in Morocco's "intellectual capital", and for exploring the historic medina of Fez, one of the world's few remaining medieval cities.

ALIF's teachers are highly qualified native speakers with years of experience instructing both independent students and study abroad groups from major universities. Former students include translators, Fulbright, FLAS, NSEP, and SSRC grantees, company representatives, and graduate students from major universities in the US and Europe.

ALIF resources include an extensive library collection focusing on Arabic linguistics, the Maghreb, Islamic Art and Architecture, and Islam. In addition to language courses, ALIF offers cultural tours, lectures, and classes on Maghrebi literature, media and Islam. Private courses in any number of subject areas can be arranged. The modest ALIF tuition, low cost of living in Morocco, and widely available discount air fares, also render ALIF a cost-effective alternative for the study of Arabic abroad or domestically.

For more information, please visit the center website.


The American Language Center of Casablanca has been serving the Casablanca community for over 40 consecutive years. We are located on Moulay Youssef Boulevard across from the Place de la Liberté (near Dar America). In addition to the administration and our modern classrooms, our facility includes a large multimedia lab, a study center, a bookstore and a student café. We offer classes for students from the age of 8 and up. Our classes are designed to improve our students ability to communicate in English. We also offer business English and TOEFL preparation courses as well as various free activities created to improve our students’ English. Please visit the Casablanca website for more details.

El Jadida

The ALC El Jadida is newest of the American Language Centers.  Doors opened summer 2015.  For more information, please visit the ALC El Jadida Facebook Group.


The ALC Fez, established in the early 1960s, is the leading language learning center in this ancient city. In addition to providing high quality English language instruction, ALC Fez is known for sponsoring regular exchanges, and educational and cultural events in conjunction with ALIF, the Arabic Language Institute in Fez . Our center features a cafe, English language bookstore, library, computer lab, student study center/Riad in the medina, and a garden for reflection and socializing. Come visit the ALC Fez to learn more! Visit the ALC Fez blog to find out what's happening.


The American Language Center of Kénitra, which occupies a spacious villa directly across from the main train station, was founded in 1988. Since that time our enrollment has grown to nearly 800 students. We offer classes for adults, juniors (11-13 years of age), and children (6-10 years of age). Our facilities include an internet lab and a small library, both open free of charge to our students. Also open free to our students are non-classroom activities, such as a Song Club, Discussion Group, Basketball Training Group, and Film Discussion Club.


The American Langauge Center of Marrakesh, housed in two villas in the Gueliz district of the city, has been serving the Marrakesh community since 1970. We provide courses in communicative English for tots (5-6 years old), children (7-10 years old), juniors (11-15 years old) and adults (16 years and up).  We also host a small bookstore, a lending library, two student cafés, and a computer lab.
ALC Marrakesh is a certified TOEFL testing center for the south of Morocco.  We regularly hold the Via Lingua TEFL teacher training certification program (130-hour course), have weekly clubs and monthly events, and participate in community service activities and cultural events, such as programs with visiting students from the United States and elsewhere. For more details, visit our website, and click on English in the upper right hand corner.


Located in the heart of the Ville Nouvelle, the ALC Meknes is home to over 2000 students and 35 teachers, both native English-speaking and Moroccan. The center offers both general English and business English classes and has special programs for children starting at age 7. The center library, the only English-language library in the city, is open to both students and the general public. Please visit our website for details.


The American Language Center of Mohammedia has been serving the Mohammedia community since 1989 by providing English classes, each term, to more than 1500 students from all age groups. It is located in the heart of the once called "city of flowers", an average sized town between Casablanca and Rabat.

All of our teachers are qualified teachers of English and encourage students to participate in extra curricula activities, such as our successful People to People International Classroom Exchange Program that links our teachers and students with peers from The USA, Russia,Thailand. Please visit our website for details.


Please check the ALC Oujda Facebook group page for updates.


The American Language Center of Rabat has been serving the Rabat-Salé community for over 50 years and is the oldest ALC in Morocco.  Located in the heart of the capital, we serve over 12,000 children, teens and adults each year in a highly supportive and progressive CLT environment.  Our facilities include 30 modern classrooms, seminar, conference and activity spaces, a bookstore, a spacious and comfortable teachers’ lounge and lesson planning/activity rooms, a large staff kitchen, and a private terrace and garden for teachers and staff.

We have over 55 instructors who come from a variety of backgrounds and nations.  There are regular on-site professional development opportunities, a robust peer-observation and mentoring program, and many opportunities for teachers to engage in collaborative curricular and administrative projects.  Our Community Service Program is actively involved in meaningful charitable projects, and we host free activities for our students, including public speaking, film, drama, sport and journalism clubs. 

Please visit our website for more details. 


The American Language Center of Tangier, located in a landmarked colonial era villa in downtown Tangier, has been serving the Tangier community for over 45 years. In addition to providing courses in communicative English for children, adolescents and adults, we also operate a small lending library and computer lab. ALC Tangier contributes regularly to social action projects and cultural events. For more information, please visit our website.


The American Language Center of Tetouan is centrally located, a couple of minutes away from the historic medina. With nearly 500 students, we have been serving communities in the Tetouan region for more than 25 years. In addition to providing courses for juniors and adults, we also offer free access to a library and computer lab. Our students are also encouraged to participate in our free extracurricular activities, such as Games Night, Discussion Group, Quiz Night, or Film Club. Our teachers, both native English-speaking and Moroccan, are highly qualified professionals, basing their lessons on a communicative approach and always eager to try new ideas. Please visit our website.

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